Genesis Card NFTs

A Blend of Tangible Collectibles and Digital Authenticity

Discover the COLT Genesis Card NFTs, where digital rarity meets tangible value. Each NFT is uniquely linked to a real-world Pokémon trading card which can be traded on secondary markets.

Physical Pokémon Cards with Digital Proof and Ownership
Legendary COLT
(valued up to $5,000)
Uncommon COLT
Common COLT

Each of these NFTs is directly minted against a physical graded Pokémon card, providing a blend of tangible value and digital authenticity. While the physical cards themselves will be held in a state-of-the-art secure storage, ensuring their safety and pristine condition, the corresponding NFT offers flexibility and control.

Inside this collection are many gems including:

1999 Pokémon Base Set Venusaur Holo 15/102

1999 Pokémon Base Set Charizard Holo 5/102

1999 Pokémon Base Set Blastoise Holo 2/102

1999 Pokémon Base Set Mewtwo Holo 10/102

1999 Pokémon Fossil 1st Ed. Gengar Holo 5/62

1999 Pokémon Base Set 1st Ed. Charmander Shadowless 46/102

1999 Pokémon Base Set 1st Ed. Pikachu Yellow Cheeks 58/102

Experience the Fusion of Tangible Collectibles and Digital Innovation!

Step into the world of the Collateral Network Genesis NFT Drop-a unique universe where the tangible allure of Pokémon cards melds seamlessly with the dynamic potential of digital assets.

This meticulously crafted drop fuses the charm of yesteryears with the prospects of tomorrow, offering a limited collection of 444 NFTs.

Dive deeper into the intricacies of our NFTs. Far from just being digital tokens, each physical card is intrinsically linked to a genuine, graded Pokémon cards, spanning the iconic base sets to the contemporary releases. Partnered with industry-leading vault services, these cards are preserved in insured sanctuaries, upholding their condition and authenticity.

But the experience doesn't stop at mere possession. These NFTs unlock a world of tradability, granting holders the freedom to explore avenues on renowned platforms like OpenSea and the forthcoming Collateral Network platform. Whether you're an avid trader or a strategic holder, liquidity and opportunity are always at your fingertips.

The Confluence of Physical Nostalgia and Digital Evolution

Trade, List, or Redeem

The Choice is Yours

Upon acquiring a COLT Pokémon Card NFT, holders are presented with a variety of options. They can:

Trade their NFTs in the digital realm utilising Secondary market platforms.

Or, for those who wish to feel the card in their hands, redeem the physical Pokémon card associated with the NFT after the holding period.

The fusion of the tangible and digital offers a unique opportunity. It's not just about ownership; it's about experiencing the thrill of Pokémon card collecting in a revolutionary way.

Unlocking the Full Spectrum of NFT Possibilities

Vesting & Dynamic Trade Options

Our NFTs are more than digital assets; they represent future potential. Embedded with a 12-month holding period for COLT Pokémon NFTs, they are ready for full access after this respective duration. However, we prioritize adaptability. Even during this period, these NFTs can still be freely traded on secondary market platforms. Your strategies, your decisions.

Mint, trade, and Pave Your Passive Income Path

Embark on a Journey into Our Innovative Ecosystem! Dive into a realm where the physical and digital worlds intertwine, allowing you to transform your tangible, graded Pokémon cards into pristine digital assets.

A Sanctuary of Security and Authenticity

Peace of mind is non-negotiable. Entrust your tangible Pokémon treasures to our partner's fortified, insured vault. Our commitment? Ensuring every NFT minted is the digital soul of an authentic, graded physical card. This isn't just a bridge; it's a harmonious symphony between the tactile and the digital.

Redemption Reimagined

We're reinventing the redemption game. Post a 12-month holding period, your physical cards beckon. But that's not just it. This mechanism incentivizes users to explore the minting landscape, generating passive revenue streams from trades. It's a model fine-tuned for sustained engagement, trading dynamism, and the joy of ultimately holding your tangible collectible.

Collateral Networks is excited to launch a new NFT marketplace for Pokémon cards!

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